Hotel 57 — New York, NY

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Hotel 57 is a 17-story, occupied boutique hotel, located in the heart of New York City. The property is owned by Apple REIT Hospitality Ownership, Inc. and is being converted into a Managed Full Service Renaissance Hotel. There are 199 guestrooms, including 24 luxury suites, 18 Single Room Occupied (SRO) tenants and 9 accessible rooms. All public space and 3rd floor guestrooms – which were not part of a prior renovation – are being renovated. New office space and a fitness center will be created as part of the renovation on the third floor. Fire and life safety systems are being upgraded to current regulatory requirements.

  • Owner:Apple REIT Hospitality Ownership, Inc
  • Architect:Jordan Mozer & Associates, Architects
  • Role:Construction Management
  • Year:2009