Saint Paul’s Residential Conversion, Garden City, NJ

  • Residential_430_Albee_Square

Saint Paul’s School, acquired by the Incorporated Village of Garden City, is a conversion project of 125,000 square feet. The intent was to convert this historical building into a new, up-scale residential facility. Originally built in 1883, in honor of the Village founder Alexander Turney Stewart, the four stories Victorian building was revived into income generating residential space as well as localized community space while maintaining much of the beauty that history bestowed upon its original design. The poly-chromatic voussoir arched window style, elaborate cast-iron balustrades and Dorchester stone trim remained as an integral form or design for the revival of this historical modification. With a combined total of 62 single and duplex units and over 19,000 square feet of community space the projects offered diversity worthy of the history of the building.

  • Year:2018